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 President’s Report for 2019-2020

We come to the end of another year for U3AYP, it being one like no other. However, it’s time to determine how we as an organisation, and as individuals within our organisation, have travelled. It’s during difficult and challenging times that we are able to display resilience and positivity and this can mean finding alternatives to what was previously the norm. In September we began with our annual Bus Trip and visited Burra. Only 23 members attended and despite the inclement weather, those of us who braved the elements enjoyed a pleasant day. All outings such as this provide great opportunities to get to know each other better and to visit places of varying interests and to learn what makes them unique. During October 2019, nine of our members attended the Rendezvous Adelaide Hills. It was unanimous that these events are truly worth attending. U3A Adelaide Hills offered a range of 35 different activities and online booking made it easy to select one’s preferences. We had the chance to meet and mingle with like-minded people and to share some exciting learning experiences. Sessions which were attended by our members consisted of Mah-jong, Circle Dancing, Lions Hearing Dogs, Qigong, Tickle Tank, History Talks, Ukulele and visits to Stargate House and Gardens. A Welcome Dinner at the Old Mill and the Rendezvous Dinner in the Hahndorf Bowling Club allowed all attendees to socialise. We were entertained by Michael Keelan, horticulturalist and traveller. We had three stimulating days and are looking forward to next year when hopefully U3A Tea Tree Gully will be able to host the Rendezvous on 5th, 6th and 7th October, 2021. We encourage everyone to look out for up and coming information about this very special U3A event. Course Leaders’ Day was held on Friday 18th October where session and course leaders had the opportunity to meet and share their experiences and opinions in relation to the previous twelve months. These days are always valuable and allow for discussion and provide individuals the chance to look back in order to plan for the future of our organisation. It is also an opportunity to thank these members for their valuable contributions. Early in 2020 we saw the passing of Carlene Cook, a respected and very active member of U3AYP. She joined the organisation in 2005 and from 2007 she was a member of the Management Committee including taking on the role of president from 2009 to 2013 as well as that of secretary from 2014 to 2016.  Her commitment to U3AYP has been greatly appreciated. We also witnessed the bushfires which ravaged our country, far and wide, causing some of our members to be personally affected. The common thread throughout the year, regardless of what is happening around us, has been the need to keep in touch and let others know that they are not alone and that support is close at hand. We in U3AYP continue to focus on the importance of being there for each other and this can be approached in many ways as we have discovered over the past months. As we know we did not get too far into 2020 before proceedings came to a halt due to COVID 19. As a result, from the start of the second school term, under Helen Tucker’s guidance, U3AYP became involved with our “Keeping in Touch” approach whereby written communication was increased. Various course leaders, along with some outside presenters, were prepared to submit, to Helen, information pertaining to specific courses. This information was then disseminated amongst members who had indicated their interest in specific topics which had been deferred for an unknown length of time. The intention was not simply to inform but just as importantly, to provide a link, thus ensuring members that they had not been forgotten and what to look forward to when restrictions eased. During and beyond lockdown, U3AYP took the steps to compile thorough and detailed safety plans that could be implemented when courses did begin to recommence. These decisions were not taken lightly because the wellbeing and health of our members has to take first priority. From the onset it has always been assumed that members will return to courses if and when they feel comfortable and ready to do so.  With the support of members, Helen has worked tirelessly to determine that the required documents, by councils and government, are up to date and complete. Communication has been thorough to ensure that as courses recommence, all session leaders, presenters and attendees understand their roles and obligations. We would all agree that regular, up to date communication is essential.  Our newsletters continue to provide information that is both relevant and interesting. Thank you to Sue Williams, editor, for her time and commitment to ensure that each term members receive our newsletter. This provides us with important and entertaining details related to the what, when, where, why and how of all things U3AYP.  Sue Mulraney and Wendy Loveridge, our publicity officers, have provided U3AYP news items for local papers on the Yorke Peninsula.  Peter Thomas has maintained his role as webmaster whilst adding items to our web page. Also, Sue Mulraney designed and arranged the printing of business cards which members can issue to any interested persons. This is a quick and efficient way to provide useful contact details. During the middle of the year a sub-committee, consisting of Wendy Loveridge, Joyce Yoemans, Sue Thomas and Helen Tucker, was formed to review the Constitution, Policies and Guidelines and other documents. Recommendations from the Course Leaders’ Day in 2018 highlighted the importance and necessity of such a committee and the need for ongoing reviews. These members have met and spent many hours examining the Mission Statement, Code of Participation and Safety and information pertaining to Course and Session Leaders. The sub- committee is now in the process of meeting to discuss the Constitution in order to develop a Succession Plan to ensure the sustainability of U3AYP in the future. Many thanks to this committee for its ongoing work. The Program Committee reviewed the Guidelines linked to the position of a Program Committee member. This committee has continued to meet when it has been appropriate to do so and has discussed and recommended new courses and ways to broaden and improve what can be offered to our members. Their involvement and eagerness to suggest ways to enhance what courses can be on offer is most valuable. All recommendations are then brought to the Management Committee and presented by the Program Coordinator, Helen Tucker, for discussion and approval. Thank you to Chris Crouch, Sue Thomas, Colleen Sherman, Pamela Doroch, Jean Franke, Shirley Grimsey, Irene King, Pam Gillie, Merrilyn Jarvis, Sue Williams, Corinne Stephens who acted as proxy, and Program Coordinator, Helen Tucker. Thank you to Lynden Burman who is our data collector and the collater of all information related to courses and attendances. Management Committee has also met when able and has determined the day- to-day running of U3AYP  in line with issues that need to be addressed regarding our courses, advertising and ways to promote our MO, and in particular how to remain relevant and up to date so that our members are able to take part in courses that are stimulating, enjoyable and socially beneficial. Hence the need for your feedback, your support and your involvement. Thank you to Pauline Foy, Nancy Rawlings: treasurer, Jean Wheare: secretary, Wendy Loveridge: publicity officer for the majority of the Northern Area, Joyce Yoemans, Peter Thomas: web master, Helen Tucker: Program Coordinator, Sue Mulraney:  publicity officer for the Southern /Central regions and Rod Jarvis. To all Management Committee members- your time, ideas, support and willingness to take on these roles have been appreciated.  Sue and Rod are not standing for re-election. Sue has been a member of the Management Committee since 2014 and became the Publicity Officer in 2018. Rod joined the committee in 2018.  Many thanks to you both. On behalf of U3AYP I offer my sincere thanks to the Copper Coast and Yorke Peninsula Councils as well as to the office of Mr. Fraser Ellis M.P. for their ongoing support and assistance related to the provision of venues, photocopying and printing. Our Member Organisation views its role as an essential means of providing the senior members of our community with opportunities to remain active mentally, physically and emotionally. The need to live a fullfilling and worthwhile life is paramount to us all. To all members of U3AYP, as your president I feel privileged to have led this important and vital organisation through another busy, interesting and unique year. I shall conclude with a quote from Henry Ford, which I believe sums up my thoughts- “Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” U3AYP President: Heather Simpson

“The weather was perfect for a morning tour of the Men’s Shed and the Farm Shed Museum during the afternoon. At the Men’s shed we met with volunteers who obviously are very committed and meticulous when restoring the many and varied exhibits which are on display in the museum. Between these two sessions we were treated to a verbal tour of Taylor and Graves Streets by Keith Bailey the local historian and author. His photos of the streets from days gone by provided an excellent overview of life in times gone by and how the town has changed to meet the services required by its inhabitants.

Our guide Keith Rudd started our tour at the historical Matta House and talked of life and conditions in the area as we walked through the home. We then wandered through many displays portraying early mining practices, farming and family life which included a special tribute to women and children.Also on show is an extensive and impressive collection of vintage vehicles which showcases the skills of the volunteers working at the Men’s shed. As promised definitely value for entrance fee and so much to see, a return visit is definitely required.”

Corinne Stephens

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